How To Be A Real Content Creator

Author: freedompoint

Description: How to be a "real" content creator. That sounds like it could have several interpretations, and I am talking about one of those today!

I have been steadily creating content since mid 2017. That may not be that long, but dang, it feels like a life time. I have talked about many different things, but never really found "the thing". You know what I'm talking about. The thing that just clicks and then boom...1 million subscribers haha.

I have struggled with inventing myself and reinventing my character, but it really all came down to one thing....

Just be real!

If I am myself then I will never struggle for content and I will never break character. I will always be genuine because it is always really who I am. I am still learning to not pull punches though. Maybe that will be "the thing", just letting my thoughts fly with both barrels.

It is always a trick to achieve a desired outcome. I suppose once we find what we really want then the rest will fall into place. As a vlogger, there is alot of time, effort and energy in the video...but some how if I also don't write a whole book it gets less attention.

Maybe one day I will figure it all out, but for now it is just me! Make sure to hit subscribe or follow or like. Stay tuned!

Be well.
~The Yeti

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