How To Make A Knife : Pro Tips

Author: freedompoint

Description: Thank you for joining me today as I break down some of the details of knife making that I have learned over the years. I do make and sell custom blades (pro), but I am not a master.

The other day I was contacted by an old buddy that I used to work with, and he said he was interested in making knives. So he started to pick my brain a bit, and I had the idea of just making a video.

So today I am not talking about the "how to" aspect per se, but more of the "what to look for" part of it. There are a few things that I have picked up from other makers that have really changed the game for me. I can only hope that whoever watches this video will take at least one thing away from it.

So join me today as I talk about some knife basics and what I personally like in a knife. If you enjoyed the video please let me know. If there are parts of knife making you may want some more in depth details on, again please let me know.

So that is a wrap today, make sure to hit subscribe, like, and follow!

Be well.
~The Yeti

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