Deep Mulch and layered Weed Suppression

Author: freedompoint

Description: Yes! Let's talk about deep mulching the garden and taking care of all of the grass that was there. We started this garden as a victory garden in the back yard. The guy that owns this house is really excited about the idea of providing some fresh food for our families, so we jumped right in with a bunch of plants. Stacie D and I are not the kind of people that like to till up the land , but we would rather work with the land and what is already happening.

We found that with shovel full of dirt that we dug up was full of worms! That is a great sign that the soil is healthy and that the micro world underneath is banging right along. We love the idea that the fungus on the roots would be healthy and intact.

Today I am taking you on a bit of a tour to give you all an update on how things are going. I want to show you how the cardboard is working to suppress the grass, and how it is creating a better space for the plants to be. The idea would be that if we could get the grass and weeds to stay where they are, they will eventually turn into future compost.

If the grass will turn into compost, then theoretically it will be future veggie food. Not to mention that the veggie plants will no longer be fighting for nutrients or water. It should help to concentrate everything for the plants.

My favorite thing is the wood mulch though. You can see that it is several years old, and that it looks like black gold. I love the way it looks. The way it feels. I really love how it smells.

So thanks again for joining me today as I take a walk in the garden and talk about some very simple and handy tips.

Be well.
~The Yeti

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