Hiking The Grand Gulf // Stacie D & The Yeti

Author: freedompoint

Description: A hiking video!Today came with a wonderful surprise!!!! Stacie D found me sitting outside and told me that we were going on an adventure. We headed to The Grand Gulf.

This place is supposed to be like a mini Grand Canyon. It was pretty sweet. We ended up hiking just over a mile, but we got to see alot of stuff.

We saw some wild life and some beautiful trees. We got to see the whole gulf which is currently flooded. I even got to walk down a staircase that disappeared into the water. I loved it.

Sometimes the heaviness of life gets to me. I love that Stacie D knows when I need my batteries recharged. I love pouring my life out to help other people, but sometimes I give too much without knowing it. Then I get crabby and feel drained. That all gets changed though with some amazing time outside.

I hope you are all encouraged. Go outside!!

Be well.
~The Yeti

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