Homestead Deep Mulched Garden Tour / Update

Author: freedompoint

Description: Welcome back! Today I am taking you on a tour of our deep mulch garden. I love giving updates because it doesn't always look perfect. Sometimes there is an ugly duckling phase.

The garden is getting absolutely beat up by the incredible amount of rain we have been getting. The plants are responding well, and even the grass poking up in between the cardboard looks healthy.

The garden started as just grass. Instead of tilling up the ground, we decided to deep mulch. As we were planting the plants we were also adding things around them. We added shredded paper, whole sheets of paper, and pieces of cardboard.

The idea is to choke out what greenery was there, and gradually turn it into compost. This is a very easy, lazy, beautiful way to compost.

I would say that overall this experience has been amazing. This is the first time we built a garden like this, and I love it.

I hope you are all enjoying our adventure as much as we are. Make sure to hit subscribe/ follow. To end this.... What is your favorite gardening style?