Boiling Springs Adventure.... we're still livin'!

Author: freedompoint

Description: Hey! Thanks for joining us today as we are out and about visiting a beautiful spring about an hour from where we are staying. It is in a small town of only about 800 people, and there was plenty of space for everyone!

The spring is something that I have never really seen before, I mean, I have seen this spring before, but the effect that it is having is still new to me. The water is flowing underground and then coming up from beneath the mountain. When it hits the rocks, it makes it look like it is boiling! It is really awesome.

We were able to hike on some of the trails, but some were closed off. There was a trail that went beside the spring and then up and around where it comes out of the ground. There were a few caves that we also got to explore.

I caught and photographed a small snake yesterday too. We got to get out fee a little wet. We got to get ourselves in a bit of a sketchy situation while hiking. All in all, it was an amazing day.

As my lovely bride, Stacie D, and I take a few minutes talk about the adventure, I hope you are feeling excited about getting out into creation and seeing something new. Take some time to find something relatively close to where you are, and make it happen. Many times there are things that are close to use that we always find an excuse to not experience.

With everyone sheltering at home, the idea of being outside is looking more beautiful everyday. It is always a blessing to get outside, and to see the beauty that is always there...even when we are not!

Be well
~The Yeti

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