Lifting Weights and sleeping in the floor

Author: freedompoint

Description: Banging steel and sleeping on the floor? Don't mind if I do! As I continue to share my life, I am finding that it is more and more about what I am experiencing in my life. I love to stand in front of the camera and just vlog about the universe, but sometimes it is just about sharing and connecting with others. I hope that someone enjoys my videos haha.

This morning I am in the kitchen with Stacie D talking about what is happening around here. My boys and I have been lifting weights for a couple of weeks now, and Stacie D and my daughter have joined us. So after just a couple of days, she is feeling pretty good.

We have also been sleeping on the floor. Since we are "bugging out", we are technically glamping. Sure we are staying in a really nice house, but we are all together in two rooms. The kids all have something different to sleep on, and we are on the floor. Well, we have our yoga mats, but that's about it.

When we first got married we bought a california king sized bed. I wanted something that was super comfy and my feet could actually be on the bed with me. Over the course of 14 years it steadily broke down. We each had a groove in the bed with a big hump in the center. It eventually started to really hurt out backs. We have been sleeping on the floor for a while though. Up in Northern Michigan we were actually sleeping on futons.

There are countless benefits to sleeping on a hard surface. Our bodies are made to decompress, just like winter brings a reset for the summer, sleeping resets our bodies for the next day. It takes a while to get used to it because it hurts haha. Eventually our bodies get used to resetting, and the benefits come.

All in all, this time of our life is feeling pretty beneficial. Getting swoll with the Hodgetwins style gains, and sleeping on the ground with a flat and straight back.

Be well.
~The Yeti

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