Having a marginalized belief in a social media space

Author: freedompoint

Description: As a response to a great conversation I had this morning with a fella named @justinparke, I am making this video to talk about what it is like to have a belief in YHWH that is more marginalized on social media.

This is something that I have faced for the last 22 years. Believing in my God in a world that doesn't. It started when I was a teenager and then the concept continued to grow with me as I got older. I have learned alot over the years, and that is what I am touching on today.

I started creating content and making videos that were more challenging. I called them Mystic Yeti Morning Coffee. It was my vlogging about a profound thought I have been praying through. You may even be able to see some of these videos on my youtube channel.

It has been a long road for me as a believer in Jesus. I believe that He is the Messiah. I believe the world changed when He changed it. The modern world is filled with small things that are ultimately a result of His life.

The question that Justin asked me was along the lines of what it is like to create content as a believer in Jesus, in a space that is a pretty atheist leaning place. The idea that a space is atheist has nothing to do with me. Like I said above, that is someone's belief, but it isn't mine. I handle people being confrontational with me online the same way I would handle it in the physical world...with kindness.

I have come to understand when it comes to what I believe compared to others. When I chose to sit quietly, pray, and then turn my thoughts off.... I was able to see and feel like I had never before. From that moment of that choice, I no longer shared the same views as others. I was forging a path. I found that I no longer debated the bible and it's content. I no longer debated creation or evolution. I no longer had anything inside of me that felt the need to convince anyone else of anything.

When it comes to social media, there is always going to be someone that does not believe what you believe. There is always going to be someone that wants to challenge you, and maybe even try to tear you down. That sort of thing isn't on you, just like it isn't on me. Those are the actions of someone else.

When someone wants a real dialogue you will know it. Most often I find that when people are challenging, it is basic human nature to want to validate whatever it is that we are doing. We need to feel like whatever we are doing is correct. I mean, if it isn't correct, then why are we still doing it? So we challenge other people so as to validate our own understanding.

When it comes to certain places like sharing my content on a blockchain. I have found that there has been very little negativity. I have been able to say what I want with very little confrontation. The only thing that I have noticed is that something like Jesus is commonly frowned on, and posts having to do with Christianity and such usually get lower votes and lower payouts. That is because it is a more unpopular topic. So if someones channel was only that, it would be a niche channel and probably struggle to grow.

So to speak more about Justin's question.... I do catch myself self censoring sometimes. Depending on the situation, and if there is an angle to work. Most of the time am straight forward. I am who I am, even if it is unpopular. There is nothing to fear, and no shame in it. If someone believes in something and it is good enough for them and their family, then who cares what people online think. There will always be opposing views and maybe even trolls....but again..that's on then.

As for me, being a disciple of Jesus is the number one thing in my life. It shapes how I see the world, and even shapes how I interact. I believe it is through Jesus that I am able to even try to understand what the Father is. It is a journey that I going excited to continue to work out for the rest of my life!!


So I hope that answers your question Justin. I would love to hear more about your beliefs and rastafarianism. I think that making a video and being able to see someone's eyes when they speak is a game changers. I look forward to your video :-)

Also, if there is anyone else that feels that they may have a marginalized belief in a socially mainstream world..... I would love to hear about it (as long as it is considered legal and is not NSFW haha). Please comment on the youtube video with a link, or tag @freedompoint on Steem or Hive, or tag me @simple_yeti on twitter. I think everyone has a unique story to tell, and there are many people that feel like they may be on the outside. So, lets hear it!

Be well.
~The Yeti

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