How To Get Bigger Legs / Calves

Author: freedompoint

Description: We are all looking for new and exciting ways to get stronger and build muscle. Today Stacie D and I are taking you through an old school exercise called Donkey Presses.

Donkey Presses is a body weight workout that you slowly build on top of. You can start with just your own body weight and work your way up to doing the exercise with someone on your back. This is a great calf variation for both men and women, and anyone looking for bigger legs.

I learned this exercise when I was a younger man and lifting alit of weights in some sketchy places. You learn a lot when you pay attention and aren't afraid to ask questions. I learned some basic variations or common exercises that really increased my gains.

Today's calf raises are great for couples and parents. Working out together is always exciting. Especially when you can push each other for gains, or use your kids like weights.

With Donkey Presses you start with a basic calf raise, either on flat ground or some sort of ledge. You cycle through three different heel positions. Heels together, heels straight, and heels out. This will give you a well rounded calf burn that you will feel and see.

The Real Donkey press aspect comes when you are cycling through the calf angles while someone is on your back. I enjoy this compared to using static weights because people are dynamic, so they weigh different amounts and they move.

I hope you enjoy today's video. Do you have a favorite leg exercise? Let's hear it in the comments!

Be well.
~The Yeti

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