The Illusion of Deserving

Author: freedompoint

Description: Over the past few days the word deserve has been really standing out to me. It has been something I have seen on the social media sites I use, and in the Bible.

Recently I have seen the word deserve being used alot when people are talking about blog post payouts, or covid 19 protesters.

I have been seeing more and more people developing an attitude of what someone else deserves. For instance when it comes to post payouts there are some that are very high and no on days anything. Then there will be another post that people say do not deserve the payout. Sometimes the only difference between the two posts are the people voting on it.

On the other side I see people talking negatively and saying people deserve something bad. I have seen a number of people say that covid protestors deserve to get sick and die.

Either way it strikes me as odd. Who are we to decided when someone actually deserves something. Maybe when it comes to our own interactions we can dictate what we think, but as a third party?

This life is amazing and we all have a right to enjoy our experience. I don't think it is up to us to decide what someone deserves in there life.

Be well
~The Yeti