Why Your Life Is A Drain Pipe

Author: freedompoint

Description: The title of this video may sound a bit harsh, but stick with me...I can explain haha.

Six days a week our family takes a walk. It is a nice 20 to 25 minute walk with a purpose. We like to dig in and really feel our bodies moving. We walk down the road around the corner, down the hill, and then down around another corner.

Every day when we get to that last part, we see a drain pipe that runs under the road and into a small puddle. The puddle though is home to a giant bull frog and some other smaller frogs.

Everytime I see them it makes me think about humans that project their views on other people. At some point in our lives, we have all had an opinion about someone elses life. The funny part is...we are looking at their life from our puddle.

See, the bull frog isn't aware that he is in a small puddle. He is only aware that he has water, food, and shade. So his situation looks absolutely amazing. He doesn't know that there are other frogs that are in lakes, streams and rivers.

That frog is looking at the world from his own oasis, and he would imagine that it is the top! This happens everyday, never knowing the real situation of other frogs.

Sometimes we as humans sit in our puddles and openly cast judgement on others, without actually knowing the other persons situation.

Maybe we should all start appreciating our drain pipes, and stop worrying so much about what others are doing. Let's make the decisions that we think are best for ourselves, and not worry about someone elses pond.

Be well
~The Yeti

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