Why life after quarantine may be bad

Author: freedompoint

Description: No doubt about it....post quarantine life might be pretty terrible for many people. Usually when I vlog it is about the super upbeat and positive things in life, and today I am going to talk about a positive that could be a negative.

Since this quarantine first started there have been many emotion. I feel a different way toward many things, and I am sure that you do too. I have seen the world that I know become something that was nearly unrecognizable. My life as a traveling nomad was put on hold just like everyone else, but in my case I also had to find shelter to quarantine in.

I think that when the quarantine is lifted we are going to see something pretty amazing. I think that we are going to see a resurgence in the family structure. Maybe not with every family, but with enough that it may impact many. We are currently seeing families that are being forced to be around each other, and really learning who each other are.

I have seen kids that are acting and speaking differently since they have been at home. I have seen parents that are completely different since they have been home with their kids. I have seen husbands and wives that are coming more together because they are being forced to be around each other. It is a major shock for some families, and I think the effect of quarantine will last.

I imagine that when kids return to school they are going to spend alot of time thinking about being at home. Thinking about how mom or dad would be there when they ate breakfast. How they would teach them and play with them. How they might even stay in their pajamas all day because that is what the family decided....and I think it will have a lasting effect on the kids. Atleast for a while, but hopefully longer.

I imagine we are going to see the same thing out of parents. We have seen people that have been "set free" from the system they are stuck in, and now they are on an adventure of sorts. They may struggle with things like money and food, but they are doing it with their families. I have seen many people use the struggle to forge a new path for themselves, and I hope it lasts for them.

There are also people that are wearing masks and gloves whenever they leave their house. The post quarantine life is going to be rough for them. They are going to have to share the world with someone like me. Now, I'm not saying I am out licking door knobs, but I am not wearing masks and gloves. It may be like dropping a nervous germaphobic person in a germ filled biology lab.

I think that the emotion return to "normal" life is going to be a real eye opener for many people. I also think that there are going to be many people that don't like it. I believe that we are in the middle of an energy shift in our world. People are waking up, and they are seeing the world like new. So maybe this post quarantine struggle that some may face will ultimately be a positive outcome for the world as we know it?

I know that life is amazing, and the adventure is ours to enjoy. I hope that you all are well. I hope you are healthy, safe, and fed.

Be well.
~The Yeti

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