Getting Into Broken and Gross Plumbing // someone has to!

Author: freedompoint

Description: Welcome back! Today I am tearing into some broken and gross plumbing. This video is a bit long, but it turned out to be 4 different leaks and a surprise clogged dishwasher. This isn't a "how to" video per se, but I thought you would all enjoy it!

So the house we are staying in is about 2600 sq. ft. and is beautiful. The only issue is how it was built. I keep finding little things here and there that are odd. For example, most of the plumbing is the kind you use in an RV....not a house.

This grey piping is made for RV's and not really heavy everyday use. What I am finding is multiple sketchy connections and cracked lines.

Today I ended up fixing four leaks. Two in the same line and two with the kitchen sink. Then Stacie D surprised me with a clogged dishwasher. I know she told me about it before...but I forgot and I was all wrapped up haha.

One leak was deep in a closet up under some stairs. Stacie D and George followed me up in there to get a look too. It was nice to me able to talk with her while I was really calmed me down. Haha for the life of me I have no idea why someone would plumb like this.

This is a bit of a different video for me and it is longer than I am used to. I wanted to show everyone that we all are capable to doing some real fixes. We don't always have to pay someone else to do it. Some things may really take professionals, but there are many things we can do for ourselves.

Enjoy. Be bold. Try.

Be well.
~The Yeti

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