A positive Covid Identity

Author: freedompoint

Description: There is something I have noticed with many of my posts lately. The ones that can be perceived as negative seem to get the most attention. The ones that gush about love and positivity don't seem to do as well. I saw this again yesterday when I made an uplifting and informational post about covid.

The post was sharing a few charts that were made by my family doctor. It was information about the fatality rates over the past five years for over 55 years old.

The charts included many different illnesses and codes for cause of death, including U07.1, which is a CDC code for a "probable" or "presumed" covid death. Meaning that someone doesn't have to test positive to be labeled as a covid death.

Anyway, the charts show that covid has not really impacted the overall fatality rates. I have been sharing the positive information, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. I have a theory though....people are forming a positive covid identity. Meaning that they are finding their identity in their situation that was initially caused by covid.

Be well
~The Yeti

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