The Truth Of Starting A Spiritual Journey // the light and the dark

Author: freedompoint

Description: In the modern western world, spirituality is like going to Starbucks. Everyone is doing it! It seems to be a fad or a niche, either way it seems to be like a really hot topic. From my journey there are a couple of things I would like to add to the idea of Starting a spiritual journey.

I have been on an amazing journey for over 22 years now. It started as a cookie cutter Christianity and has become so much more. I see things so much clearer, but that took time. A Spiritual Journey or awakening isn't like flipping a light switch.

There is a definite balance when it comes to spirituality. I believe there is a light and a dark and we need both for balance. There is something inside us that identifies with both. The way we are and the things we do are going to be determined by which we are growing more.

I see the necessity for both light and dark. I believe that the light is empowering. It is a positive energy that reinforces concepts of love and trust and faith. I believe darkness is empowering. It is a negative energy that reinforces hate and guilt and fear

In my post today this is surely not the full extent of the subject, and I want to talk about the possiblity of starting a spiritual journey.

There is a a realm...a dimension...a world...a reality beyond what we currently see. When we tap into that spiritual realm it opens us up to the possibilities of life changing interactions. Not everything is puppy dogs and rainbows....some of it is hard to handle. We open ourselves up the exposure to light and dark.

I hope you enjoy the video and my personal story. What I have learned is that it isn't all sunshine and daisies, and once we start digging deeper we are exposed to more. Let's be mindful to not lose ourselves while trying to find us. :-)