I Am Found. // New Channel and Fresh Testimony

Author: freedompoint

Description: Welcome to I Am Found. Some of you may have followed by vlogs through the ongoing evolution of my spiritual life and creative outlet, and now I thank you for being here.

In 2017 it all started with Mystic Yeti's Morning Coffee, and it grew into One Yeti's Perspective, and continued until it reached a blended channel shared with my families homesteading adventure.

This new channel is an outlet for the profound. To be rooted in my faith in The Father and born again in #Jesus Christ, and to challenge the concept of why. What about talking about the perspective from other faiths. To ask harder questions regarding what is seen as "modern normal" and pushing other thoughts further than normal.

The first video is an introduction and a bit of a #testimony and how I stretched my thoughts through #meditation.

Thank you all for joining me and for your ongoing support.