Can I ACTUALLY Homestead?!

Author: freedompoint

Description: Can I ACTUALLY Homestead is a real question I ask. Something I learned a long time ago is that being self reliant and homesteading takes alot of effort. There is nothing we have done these past few days that hasn't taken alot of energy.

When we wind down at the end of the day we are sore and tired, and that makes me think about other people.

I know that we will eventually condition to this life, and will be sore while we get used to it. What about all of the homesteaders we have met that are no where close to physically capable.

We have met alot of people that have physically not been able to do what was needed to keep up their property. The work continued to beat them up, and the property didn't seen to ever become what they wanted.

Have you ever thought about that question. Are you physically able and ready to homestead? Are you prepared for what it takes?

Be well
~The Yeti

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