Happy Mother's Day!! p.s. dads well done

Author: freedompoint

Description: Happy Mother's Day!!! p.s. dads well done! It is a beautiful day to celebrate some amazing moms out there, and that is just what we are doing today.

When we rolled out of Northern Michigan and started heading back on the road, Stacie D made it very clear that she wanted to really see the things wherever we go. Sometimes, like many people we settle in to places. We end up not actually seeing and enjoying what is in the area.

Where we currently are, we definitely have the potential to get comfortable. So she said that she would like to continue to go on adventures, maybe even weekly. There is nothing that makes me happier that making her happy, and that's what we are doing today!

Today, when I am posting this, it is actually Mother's Day. It is the first day of our week. We are going to start with a nice long walk and some weight lifting. After that, it looks like it will be normal work and seeing what the day has to offer, but yesterday..... that was a doozy.

We headed out early in the morning with a goal of adventure. We had jugs full of water, a bag full of food, and an attitude to get something done. We reached a place that had two rivers that were coming together, so there were two bridges that we could walk around and get some pictures.....and we even went magnet fishing.

We wound our way through the hills and stopped at nearly every water way. I shot this video at the third place we were at. Ultimately, we wound our way to a little town and ate pizza. It really was an amazing day.

One of the best moments was when I asked Stacie D if she wanted to stay on the main road and take the highway back to the house, or take another winding back road......she chose the back road!!! We saw some of the most beautiful land around here yet! The hills were steep, the woods were wild, and it had a "home" feel to it. It was amazing.

I hope that you all are having an amazing day! Make sure to hit subscribe, hit follow, and enjoy the video!

Be well.
~The Yeti

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