A New Front Door!

Author: freedompoint

Description: What a day, what a day! This project keeps throwing out surprises. It turns out that there are alot of things I want to do, but they can't be done until something else gets done.

So this is how it happened..... It started with finishing the bathroom vent so I can finish all the wiring that is in the attic, so I can insulate, so I can drywall the upstairs ceiling. So I had to move the switches for the vent that lead to me seeing and moving the water heater vent pipe, that lead to me moving the interior bathroom wall to match the vent and fit the bathtub. When that was done I could get back to running electric in the attic....

But to run the electric I need to install the 3 gang boc next to the front door. So I need to frame in the future front door so I can hang the gang box.... But the outside sheeting won't have anything to hang on if I frame the door. So.... I need to install the front door so I can put in the gang box and the finish the upstairs electric. Hello new door!

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