How To Find The Best Food For You!

Author: freedompoint

Description: Food comes in as many varieties as the people that are eating it. There are countless ads telling us how to combine certain foods for the best results. Have you ever thought about how your body actually responds to that food, or what it has to say about it? That's what we are getting into today!

Before we get too far into this I would like to say that I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. I learned this amazing trick many years ago, and it really seems to be consistent. We are having alot of fun with this and hope you enjoy it too!

When I was younger I learned about a test you could to to tell if something was good for your body. I remember in school they would have us hold something in our hand, and put it against our chest. They would then push down on our arm to see if it would hold strong or if it would go down. That may sound a bit woo woo, but hey that's what I am into haha.

Today Stacie D and I are doing just that. We are digging into our pantry and testing out some of our favorite foods. A variety from fresh fruit and veg, to coffee and fireball whiskey.

The whole process is pretty amazing, and it seems to work with anything. We recently even did this test with a buddy of mine and his lip tobacco. You can test it on things like phones, and even money.

As I described the concept above, it may not make sense until you do it. Have someone you know push down on your extended arm while you hold nothing in your hand. This will establish how hard to push. Hold something in your hand in front of your chest, and have them push the same amount. It will be pretty obvious.

If you have ever done anything like this I would love to hear about it. Better yet, It would be amazing if you made a video trying it out. Before you even do it the first time make sure you are filming. It would be amazing to see someones face while they experience it.

I hope you are enjoying our adventure as much as we are!

Be well.
~The Yeti

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