It's All Speculation

Author: freedompoint

Description: In a recent talk with a friend, we were chatting about what is happening with the stock market and what is happening with bitcoin. There is so much potential do we ever really onow what is happening.

Like many people, I am excited about what is happening in the world of crypto currency. Over the next few weeks I think we are going to see some awesome stuff. ..... See...that's speculation haha.

It goes well beyond just stocks and crypto, but what about our lives in general. Are we not speculating about everything? Are we not making decisions about the future based on the information we have today?

We see this all the time. How many people have a 30 year mortgage on their house? Think about that. That is making a decision that is planning your life 30 years from now.

What about the way we eat, exercise, smoke, do drugs...are these all not just a bet that we are speculating the long term outcome

When it comes to life....I think it is I will keep speculating about that outcome haha.

Be well
~The Yeti