Are We Living In A Giant Temple

Author: freedompoint

Description: As we are heading quickly toward the day we set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus, our family is reading through the bible book of Luke. If we start on December first, we will finish om Christmas Eve.

As we were reading today, there was a part that really started jumping out at me. It was the similarity of how Jesus addressed those that were in the temple. He spoke more about their lack of faith and traditions.

That got me thinking about our modern society during these "covid days". There is a similarity in how people are treating others.

Those in the temple that are upholding tradition and over all lack of faith would resemble the majority of people that are all in on the covid pandemic. Where those that don't agree with the covid information would be the alternative character.

In Luke, when Jesus spoke against them, they threatened to throw Him off a cliff. So his words caused them to resort to violence. Much like with covid. When some people express opposing information to what the mass believes, it often leads to violence (in different forms from verbal attacks to physical altercations).

I couldn't help but make this connection. Much like Jesus just shared His truth and slipped away and let them keep on after they threatened Him. Maybe we should take note and share our truth and then just slip out.

Be well
~The Yeti

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