The Real Storms of Life

Author: freedompoint

Description: I know that the titles of my videos always seem so intense, or to the point. Today the title The Real Storms Of Life sounds like a good one. Not every title has a much deeper meaning, but sometimes it is just what it says. Last night we had a confirmed tornado where we are currently staying!

It was pretty nuts. We were just enjoying the day and a whole group of storms rolled in. It came in waves. We saw hail, strong winds, weird colored sky. It seemed to happen so quickly. I was just coming downstairs and started telling everyone that we should be ready to head to the tornado shelter, right when the sirens started going off.

Luckily, one of my sons thinks like I do, so he already had the shelter door open and the light on, and he was all ready to go. Since this was our second time of having to go into the shelter since we have been here, we actually talked about the process a bit to make it more efficient and safer. My son The Inventor is the first one down, and from there we file in by height. We also have the two dogs, that is always an adventure. The first time we were getting in the shelter, on e of them got excited and peed all over me. So I was hunkered down in the shelter smelling like whiz.

I know that we are blessed each time that we go down there. The fact we have a shelter at all is a blessing. Just outside there is a huge limb (which I show in the video) and it barely missed our van. There were some pretty radical things happening yesterday, but we all made it through...even the garden is looking good haha.

With everything that is happening, I can't help but tickle my conspiracy bone. Our world is changing, and it doesn't seem like it is natural...or atleast what I understand natural to be. The storm clouds yesterday were blue. No, I wasn't looking through the clouds and seeing the was actually black, blue and grey. It was a bright blue that looked like it had no place in a storm.

I think we are for sure looking at more extreme weather in our future. From what I have read, we are already dabbling with weather changing and even talking about trying to help global warming by spraying chemicals in the sky. There always seems to be some sort of science idea to fight what is happening, but it never works. I believe that we as humans are so out of sync with nature, that whatever happens may not just be nature happening, but maybe our fault.

So as we head into this day today, I hope you and your family are well. I hope that the storms in your life both literal and figurative are tame. I hope you are healthy, safe, and fed.

Be well.
~The Yeti

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