Creating a steeming HOT 3DX RENDER in DazStudio & Photoshop [Part 1/2] [timelapse]

Author: haven3dx

Date: 2018-02-15

Description: This is an educational video that shows how i create a simple 3DX pose in DazStudio (Daz3D).
Here i work with my custom model Charlotte (Genesis 2) to compose an original Iray render.

Basically i go through 3 steps:
1.) Setting up the scene (this one is really super simple)
2.) Roughly posing everything into the right position
3.) Fine-Tuning to turn a "nice" pose into a stunning one

Also look out for Part 2 that is about post-processing the render in Photoshop:

I will publish the final render on steemit and - Check it out!

Any questions? I'm looking forward to answer your comments :)

Thanks for watching!


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