Kratom is the Solution to the Opioid Epidemic

Author: healthwyze

Date: 2018-05-19

Description: Kratom is the easy, cheap, natural, and safe alternative to opioid painkillers and it eliminates severe drug addictions. This herb is essentially non-addictive itself, with about the same addictiveness as coffee. For these reasons, the FDA and its drug industry partners are working to eliminate this natural life-saver through deception and legal posturing.

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I interviewed protesters who were fighting the DEA's attempts to ban kratom in 2016. You may watch that video here, because it's extremely informative and they have a lot to say about it:

We also produced an article about natural painkillers (including kratom), which you may read here:

Concerning obtaining kratom, it can be purchased from many sellers and it is easy to find on the Internet. There is information in the article, if you would like to buy it from our recommended seller.

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