Growing/Prepping in Cities: Opportunity in Crisis with Adrian Friday

Author: iceagefarmer

Description: Adrian Friday grows food in six gardens across Memphis -- that he doesn't own -- and joins Christian on the Ice Age Farmer podcast to answer one of the most popular questions: how to prepare for the Grand Solar Minimum in urban environments. Adrian shares how his experiences preparing have improved his own family's life, created a new income stream managing hospital gardens, and organically educated/built the community around him. It takes all types, folks, and Adrian Friday is one of those types! How are you preparing for the changes ahead?

We cover:
- Guerrilla gardening, and working others' spaces,
- Local resources: master gardeners, county ag extensions for free seeds
- the need to start growing, building, learning NOW, before a grid down situation
- building income streams from untapped markets
- importance of taking DAILY STEPS
- #1 prep is your health and well-being

Start growing your own food today!



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