Is it time for a Steem Magna Carta?

Author: intrepidsurfer

Description: So not unsurprisingly, the original Steemit Inc. team have yet to make any comments on the TRON takeover. Not even a small comment to allow the community some insight into what is going on. I give you 0/10 for communication skills at the moment.

So everyone is talking a lot at the moment via blogs, vlogs and messaging on discord. No one really knows what is going on, the longer we are kept in the dark, the greater the damage could potentially become.

There is talk about forking or keeping the status quo. Why not something in the middle and create our own community based Steem Magna Carta. The charter that sets out the promises that we have to keep for each other. It could also act as a big red line, that if crossed, will justify forking of the current Steem blockchain. It would obviously incorporate multiple elements, but it would ultimately give every stakeholder clear guidelines upon which we would use within our digital community.

Just my two cents for today,