Steem News today. Lots and lots going on.

Author: intrepidsurfer

Description: Communities are finally being rolled out on Steemit and it is good to see the changes occurring. Even Steempeak is pushing out upgrades. This blockchain never ceases to impress me. When you think it is down, then just round the corner, it rebounds again and grows in strength everyday. Even the Weiss ratings of blockchains is recognizing Steem's value and has made it to the first page of all it's ratings. I think that is super bullish and we should aim to be in the top three.

Last day here in Bangkok for now, tomorrow I am heading off to the beach for a change in scenery and to eat some lush seafood. I hope the price of Steem continues to hover around the 20 cent US mark for a little while longer. I would love to acquire more of it at this price, but just need to wait on some inbound funds. Regardless, I am happy with my current position and shouldn't complain at all. I am just stoked that this blockchain enables so many opportunities and a great community.

Have a great one,