Bangkok international airport was REALLY quiet today. Corona-virus update.

Author: intrepidsurfer

Description: So I traveled to Bali today from Bangkok and wow, the international airport was super quiet today. I saw about 1/5 of all flights cancelled (mainly to China), getting through immigration and security was stupid quick. I didn't even have to wait, I just walked straight up and I was attended to. I haven't really ever experienced that before.

Main demographics I saw traveling were of Western Origin, namely a lot of Russians, but very few Asians. I think the numbers and demographics will reduce in range and volume even more. This due to the community outbreaks popping up in Europe now. Tourism is going to take a MASSIVE hit in my estimations. Why would anyone want to travel, even to a 'safe' destination, if back home it is spreading and fear is ensuing.

This is going to take a while for this situation to address itself and some form of normality returns... if ever.

Stay safe,