Corona Diary (Day 3) What I am getting for the long haul.

Author: intrepidsurfer

Description: Not quite on the French or Italian level of rules to contain the virus, but the UK will be there very shortly. Right now we can still go out and shops are open. We have however been advised to avoid going out as much as possible. I am sure by the weekend, we will be heading towards self imposed quarantine.

Yes, the Corona virus is a big issue, but the economy and stock market melt down is far greater a threat in the long-term. So many people are already out of work and we should expect these numbers to rise dramatically. There is already talk of helicopter money to the population in the United States and I think similar options will happen globally.

Now add that global trade is grinding to a halt and all those items you take for granted will become harder and harder to come by. I see items like chocolate, coffee, tea, sugar etc would be good items to hold. Then if needed, they could be used for barter. If our current situation clears up quickly, then I will just donate my items to charity.

Right I am off for a quick shop, but take care everyone and adapt,