Food porn and on 2 weeks isolation for entering the UK

Author: intrepidsurfer

Description: The British government is floating the policy of quarantining all inbound visitors to the UK and this includes British citizens.

So in effect this will kill inbound international tourism to the UK for the foreseeable future. It will also hugely impact European and regional destinations that a favored by the British for their summer holidays. Why go on holiday abroad if you have to quarantine for two weeks when you come back?

The consequences of this are going to be huge. It also means local tourism will be on the rise this year... well that depends if people can afford it after losing this jobs.

I don't mind doing a two week stretch indoors to quarantine myself, especially if I would be working for multiple months and I can write my reports in peace too.

Today, as I talk about the above topic, I will be also be making a simple sandwich. I share all those details in my video.

Stay safe everyone and happy weekend,