Caution! Steemit will copy and paste Hive code

Author: intrepidsurfer

Description: I prefer trends than one off's. With Mr Sun and Tron, the trend is very clear for all to see: Do the least amount of work to reap maximum rewards.

They have most recently used code developed by now Hive developers against 64 wallets on Steem. This is not the first time code has been copied and pasted.

I implore Hive developers to figure out a system to limit Steem's ability to use future Hive codes. SMT's come to mind.

The only practical solution I can think of, whilst keeping code open source, is to time delay the publishing of new code by a set amount of time (3,6,9, 12 months etc). That the Hive witnesses outline the code to community in simple terms, but keep the actual code off the books for a set amount of time.

I am just thinking out loud here.

What do you think?