Island paradise in Thailand Sun, sea and lots of food

Author: intrepidsurfer

Description: Just spent the whole day on a little island just off the coast from Pattaya, Thailand. The boat ride is 60 Thai Baht for a return ride and each way takes about an hour of sailing. Compared to the beaches in Pattaya, here the sand was white, the water was turquoise and crystal clear. I even had a snooze on the sun lounger under the shade. Without the shade, I would have been burnt to a crisp and probably not able to write this post tonight.

I am just back into my hotel room, and about to get a nice hot shower to wash the salt and sand off me. Tonight I might treat myself to an all you can eat sushi buffet in one of the big shopping malls here. I think for about 15 USD you can feast on everything on offer and have 90 minutes to do so. I might have to accept the challenge. I so look forward to the food coma afterwards.

Right off to enjoy my last evening here. Have a great weekend everyone,