The numbers don't add up with Covid 19 in the UK.

Author: intrepidsurfer

Description: I am getting tired of the mixed messaging on the subject of Covid-19 here in the UK. The Prime minister censured his top scientists on live TV last week, rules for the elite and rules for others, numbers that don't add up etc.

Official covid-19 death rates include those who have tested postive for the virus and those are thought to have died from it as declared by their death certificate! How can this be taken seriously? The virus is an issue and nothing to be laughed at, but past corona virus outbreaks (influenza or the yearly flu) have had similar excess death rates in the UK.

70% of those rates occur in care homes, so why were they not protected? Past outbreaks of influenza killed 28,000 people in one recent flu season and they had the flu jab! It is all becoming a little too inconsistant for me.

Only 448 people aged 15-44 in the UK have died from covid-19 (tested positive and thought to have had it) so far. Yet we have closed the economy down.

People are losing faith in the ability of goverment to handle this situation with clear leadership and objectivity.

Stay safe everyone,