Weekend in Pattaya, Thailand Food porn continues.

Author: intrepidsurfer

Description: Just arrived here in Pattaya on the coast, which is South East of Bangkok and about 3 hours by bus. It is a full on coastal tourist city. My tourism planner brain kicked into action the minute I saw all this and was analyzing everything. There are apparently not as many tourists around, plenty of Russians still, but the Chinese have all but disappeared from this place.

Less tourists means cheaper prices as the pie has gotten considerably smaller and everyone is still fighting for a piece of it. Tomorrow I am off for a day trip to a nearby offshore island and hopefully find a secluded beach to hang out and eat some seafood under the shade. There seem to be a lot to do here and even found a 4D cinema which I might go check out tomorrow night. I am even tempted by an all you can eat Japanese sushi buffet.

Anyhow, I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend.

Have a great one,