MUST READ: I demand ALL Steem witness meetings are recorded and made public. Please resteem.

Author: intrepidsurfer

Description: We are a community, we are all Steem stakeholders, we elect our Witnesses and therefore we shall be privy any meetings they are involved with. I might be completely wrong about the up and coming 6th of March meeting between the Witnesses, Steemit Inc and Tron. That this meeting is also streamed to everyone who is a stakeholder, or a full and unedited recording is made available straight after the meeting's conclusion.

But if this isn't, it will be a total violation of our trust and totally disrespectful of every person who owns Steem.

I am calling to all current top 20 witnesses, to make sure this big meeting (not the townhall meeting, but the one taking place on the 6th of March) is a public one. I don't need to ask questions, that is why we elect you to do on our behalf, but I demand to listen in on the meeting:

@blocktrades @yabapamatt @roelandp @themarkymark @gtg @someguy123 @good-karma @therealwolf @anyx @ausbitbank @aggroed
@thecryptodrive @cervantes @ocd-witness @steempress @drakos @followbtcnews @curie @emrebeyler @steempeak

I respectfully request that you guarantee that your participation is made public to everyone and is not a closed door meeting.