580 Steem return flight to Bali from Bangkok! 100 USD tickets

Author: intrepidsurfer

Description: So I got some super last minute return air tickets. My flight is from Bangkok to Bali and I will be there for about two weeks. These cost me the equivalent of 580 Steem at current prices and this is worth 100 USD. This is super, super cheap and I found a hotel with a pool for about 10 USD a night. To boot it is next to a nice little surf spot. I haven't surfed in ages and thought it was now or never. Plus I can shed some of my Thailand food gut I put on eating way too much amazing food here.

Tomorrow I will see how busy the international airport is. The last two times it was super busy, but I get the feeling tomorrow will be a whole lot quieter. I will share this info with you when I post my next video.

Right time to eat my last Thai dinner and then pack my bag. Two weeks in Indonesia, then back in Bangkok for a long weekend and then back to Myanmar for the next 4 months for work.

Have a great one,