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Description: What is «Earth Hour»
all about?
«Earth Hour» is probably the largest environmental and climate campaign in the world. It is about sending a powerful signal together: On March 28th, at 8:30 pm (in the respective time zone) all lights will be turned off for one hour. From landmarks to shop window lights, street lamps and lights in private homes – everything will be dark for one hour so that for once a lot of light can be shed on the topics of environment and biodiversity. The campaign is of course not about saving the world. Rather, it is an appeal to political leaders to finally wake up and change their perspective on the environment and climate change. Because the greater the action and participation, the greater the sign. NIKIN will also do its part for «Earth Hour» – see how it works in the video.

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How can you take part in
«Earth Hour»?
In Switzerland, too, entire cities, companies and also many private individuals have been taking part in the campaign for several years. How you can take part and do your part in the campaign is simple: turn off the lights! Do not turn on the lights for one hour after 8:30 pm. Instead, you can light a nice candle or a lantern during this time. Or you can have a candlelight dinner with a loved one. It is precisely this dim mood that can stimulate deep conversations, allowing you to concentrate fully on the person opposite you for once. Perhaps this is the reason why topics of conversation develop that would not take place otherwise. But you can also use the opportunity to call a dear person.

In the darkness you can also observe the starry sky wonderfully. Even though the «Earth Hour» campaign will not make light pollution in Switzerland disappear completely, it is always good to look at the sky and just think about life. Just remember to keep warm. And if you don't care about this action, you can just go to bed earlier than usual for once – it will definitely be darker than usual and it will certainly help you to sleep.

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