Where does your cotton comes from? The Traceable Treeshirt!

Author: ivansnz

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Probably you already know our TreeShirt. A long time ago we launched another version of it: the "Traceable TreeShirt"⁠
👩🏿‍🌾 A quick overview about the most important information:⁠
🌿 Haelixa Ltd, a spin-off from ETH Zurich, labels organic cotton with natural DNA sequences. In this way the supply chain can be traced back from the TreeShirt all the way back to the organic cotton used in Burkina Faso.⁠
Tree The TreeShirt is made of 100% certified organic cotton from Burkina Faso and is produced under fair conditions in Greece and Northern Macedonia.⁠
🌿 Just like the TreeShirt, the Traceable TreeShirt also plants a tree.⁠

Produced by: Nikinclothing - https://nikin.ch/
Marked and traced by: Haelixa -http://www.haelixa.com/
Distributed by: Gebana - https://www.gebana.com/
Supported by: Ecos - https://ecos.ch/

more informations about the project: http://bit.ly/32nrEwU

NIKIN is a sustainable swiss clothing brand that plants one tree for each product🌲

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