Travel in Taiwan #04 | TAITUNG 臺東縣 | Backpacking Asia | 炸寒單

Author: janodeschain23

Description: I spend quite a while in Taitung county and there is really a lot to see and this video will give you only a small glimpse of what you can experience in there and I hope it kindles your interest.
From surfing in Dulan, to hikes into the jungle to amazing night markets, the Dragon Bridge at Sansiantai and Hot Springs there is so much to see!
One of my highlights was The Firecracker Bombing of Lord Handan Festival 炸寒單 in which people play the role of Lord Handan and get bombarded by firecrackers.
Also, worth mentioning is the Hot Air Balloon Festival, which I sadly couldn’t make it too but from what I saw and heard it must be amazing.
So take some time to explore, I’m sure heading back soon as possible.