Time; The Illusion (Misunderstanding The Enigma)

Author: josediccus

Description: Time is a human aspect or concept because it's a physical representation of how we age, how we envisage the past, live the present and expect and predict the future.
In this video I talk about my perceptions about time and why I think placing our sense of reasoning to how it is why we don't see it as an illusion. In im mi understanding, I feel time is a physical phenomenon and doesn't extend to the metaphysical, for this it means we can't synonymise time to control even beyond what we can't see or understand.
Time is felt, seen and known but how about spirituality? Isn't this an existence in a different plane or dimension?
I talk a lot about so many rhetorics and why I ended the video in the idea that the concept of time and while we'll keep having divided interpretations.