The Road To Managing The Strongest Of Human Emotions

Author: josediccus

Description: Discipline is the art of control and keeping one's excessiveness in check. Our emotion is an embodiment of us which helps us create a unique identity and makes up our anatomy but then irrespective of this, disciplining our emotion helps us find the balance and maintain a stability which we would need going forward.
The way we react to emotional impulses can be devastating and this is because niggling emotions can make us imbalanced and unsteady making choices and decisions that we might later regret.
there are times when we want to react according to what we are feeling but then the cause of action that we may want to take might not really be what is ideal in that particular moment or even at a later stage in life.
In this video I talk about some of the strongest human emotions and how they can emphatically play a role in deciding our personalities and our core self. and most importantly how we can imbibe discipline irrespective of how strong the emotions we are feeling may seem to be.