Why Private Content Owners Still Tap Into Facebook For Audience; The Mega Symbiotic Relationship? (Dtube)

Author: josediccus


Up till today private bloggers and vlogger still tap into the huge audience on Facebook to attract attention. YouTube is big, the money is there, but people would spend more time on Facebook than YouTube because Facebook is natural.

In the Nigerian space, entertainment sells a blogger. Information is money and the freshest news Comes from bloggers who owns huge Facebook pages in other to drag their fans back to their private blogs or vlogs where they have the ads, the affiliate marketing and the sponsorship money.
In this video, I talk about how packaged entrainment sells advertising.

People don't care if you're selling a product, provided you have the creative content to pay for the product you're selling people would gladly buy into your content without complaining.

I talked about how bloggers have found a platform in Facebook to build a massive audience base to their YouTube channels and how they have leveraged the popularity of Facebook to gain their own loyal audience.

I talked about creativity brings huge market and how a symbiotic relationship has been formed within regular private bloggers and how these bloggers would not be noticed if there wasn't Facebook.