Seeing Criticism As A Tool That Checkmates Man's Excess (A Life Ramble)

Author: josediccus


In life people sometimes dwells on the negative effect of criticism and this makes them completely misunderstands that criticism itself isn't *bad* but that it's only a tool that can be used differently by people to achieve different means. In life, *man must be accountable for all their actions* and this checkmates the possibility of irresponsibility of any persons. **Man is not a mule** so he isn't born to follow laws and procedure because of the underlying dominion to make whatever decision or do whatever he pleases.
However criticism when done in the right way and through the proper channel can awaken change from a person going astray however that's if the said person is tapping into the positivity that comes with criticism. In this video I talk about why criticism isn't something evil and why we should tap into the position nature and bring about change.

#### (Don't engage based on what you've read alone as this is just the tip of the iceberg, the video will eventually enlighten you more.)