Practising 21-century "LOVE"; How Has That Turned Out? (A Life Ramble)

Author: josediccus


The present Is a better place but *this doesn't mean the past is surplus to requirement*, in all sincerity we haven't transcended the good things about the past and one of this is actually the Phenomenon or the process to how love happens or tend to happen in the society. There are *norms* that are as old as human existence itself but then the 21st century Syndrome is making people neglect these norms which of course is taking away some human characteristics that should forever be peculiar to us.
In this video I talk about how we've scrapped the old style of doing most memorable human practices and how it's of course not been noticed.

### (Don't engage based on what you've read alone as this is just the tip of the iceberg, the video will eventually enlighten you more.)