The Challenges Of Parenting; Learning Through Loss & Circumstances (Dtube)

Author: josediccus

Description: The world had this issues of people choosing to become *"dead beat parent"* and how it often affects young people who are expectant on their parent to be psycologically, finacially and emotinal present all throughout their young age.

In this video I made a comparison of how **"dead beat parenting"** works in african cultures and western culture.

Generally I looked at how people who were product of dead beat parents have eventually turned out to be inspiration to others and done well for themselves and how a whole lot of others have turned out badly.

I talked about how there's always an advantage to every disadvantage and how this isn't exclusive when people turns out to have bad parents in their lives, growing up in the wrong system and being exposed to abuse of all sort.
I used myself as a use case and how dead beat parenting is often ignored or taken lightly in most african setting