Redefining Your Creative Journey; A Process Of Growth You Need In All Life's Sector

Author: josediccus


I started vlogging in 2018 around march firstly on dtube thanks to @nathanmars and @snook and then to some other platforms as well. In this video *I talk about* why it's always important to redefine ourselves, improvising our efforts and identities to something better being careful not to lose the identity. Truth is, ***creativity needs redefinition** else it inculcates redundancy as a characteristic and using my experience as a case study, I speak about why it's important to understand that we need to push ourselves to awaken our abilities to inculcate new things and thereby giving off our audience something to make us stay relevant. Without a doubt, hardwork, research and pushing ourselves to the limit is what does the magic and I talk about it all in this video.