Time Wastage; An African Norm That Constrains The Concept Of Change.

Author: josediccus


Time wastage is a norm in the African society and in this video I talk about how people tend to hold the opinion that they don't need to compartmentalize their time especially if they feel they're not in a rush. In this video I talk how people go to their job interviews late, with the excuse of traffic.

How people fail to invest in the wrong time when they could have understood the concept of time when it comes to things like business, decision making and even the human anatomy.

To an average African, time is a mirage and people should not comport themselves to the pressure that time is fastly moving. In this video I talked about why its impertive to understand why time itsef proves that there is a limit to evey action, every stance and every phenomenon that relates with life.

In essense, a split second can cause a lot of changes and being on time can increase our chances of experiencing a changed fortune. Not adhering to the principle of time is choosing to be stagnant rather than evolving with the rest of humanity and the world. Infact time wastage has become a bureaucratic concept and this only shows a certain lack of discipline.