#LEOFINANCE Challenge: Tell Your Leo Story (Dtube Version)

Author: josediccus


Hello guys it's @josediccus here, today I'm launching a Leofinance challenge and I'll invite everyone on Leo to join. I decided to start out this challenge to create more awareness for Leo and Leofinance and as to why it's essential for anyone willing to build their investment, earn sweet APR, talk real-time money, crypto and anything finance.
This video talks about flaws, prospects and discovery from a personal point of view. It hardly contains any technical analysis and that's why I decided to make it a challenge. So many people are running away from blogging finance or being jittery from investing but in this video I talk about everything I did from a personal point of view.

I'll of course invite my Nigerian leo bloggers to join in on this challenge and let's make it worthwhile.

> There are no rules, make a video or not, @mistakili, @belemo @starstrings01 follow your own pattern and write about your Leo journey, challenges, investment and passion

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So if you're a lover of dtube and also have a Leofinance story to tell, hop on in and make it count. Cheers!