Solving The Problems Of Being An "Unsuccessful Breadwinner" (Dtube Version)

Author: josediccus


Breadwinning is an important thing in Africa; this is because in families there's always that person who takes responsibility for other people in terms of finance. While this mighy not be a thing in the Western world it is imperative to understand that sometimes people grow into monetary responsibilities where they have to either become parents or wards, or sponsors to other in terms of providing for their *"basic or external needs"* and even *"wants"* to a certain extent.

In this video I talk about how people choose to become breadwinners and how they are chosen to become breadwinners and the different parameters that are involved with it.

Needless to say, some people fail at becoming successful breadwinners and this falls back at employment opportunities they're exposed to, how they have failed to create their own employment opportunities and how they can't go beyond their day-to-day spending habits instead of having a savings for the rainy days.

I importantly stressed about how people failed to understand that having a sole source of income might make them terrible breadwinners especially if they have a lot of people who are dependent on their finances and income for survival.